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Assumption Church

Celebrating our 78th Anniversary
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Staff and Ministries


Parish Priest  

Fr. Pedro Arana   

Weekend Assistant 


Rev. Thomas Mooren,

Ofm Cap  



Rev. Rudy de Castro 

Rev. Paul Beaudoin


Lindsay Delisle  





Theresa M. Cousineau 613.235.2024



Parish Councils and Ministries:


Liturgy Committee


The Liturgy Committee’s purpose is to provide an increasingly open, prayerful, affirming and enlivening style of worship. The Committee plans special liturgies throughout the year and is deeply involved in the worship each Sunday and Holy Days.  


If you would like to attend the Liturgy Committee meetings or become more involved with this group, please contact through the parish office:

The Committee Chair, Deacon Paul Beaudoin Gosselin (613) 746- 8503.


Parish Community Life Committees


Our Parish and Community Life ministries support our community needs with opportunities to come together in fellowship, in fun, and in support of each other to strengthen our bonds as the family of God. The activities of these ministries provide opportunities for social gatherings, sharing in faith and giving support to members of our community in times of difficulty.


For more information contact the Coordinator, through the parish at 613.746.8503. 


Parish Pastoral Council


The Council does not operate in isolation of other committees, but rather forms the umbrella over all of them.


The Pastor is the president of the PPC according to the Canon Law.  The Assumption Parish has an elected Chairperson and reports to the Pastor.  In accordance to the Guidelines of the Archdiocese of Ottawa, November 2007, and part of its constitution, the PPC pursues and implements the following objectives:  proclaim the Gospel and carry forth the Good News; build a caring, Christian community; represent all members of the parish community; work for the spiritual renewal of all members by a concern and attention to the quality of the liturgical services and education programs; discern the needs spiritual and temporal of the community and organize and plan the structures and committees required to fulfill these needs; work for a just society with other churches and organizations in the neighbourhood and in the wider community. 


The officers and members of the PPC and the committees are also listed in the Weekly Bulletin.  

Parish Financial (Temporal) Council


In accordance to the Guidelines of the Archdiocese of Ottawa, November 2007, the Parish Financial Council (PFC) is also known as the Parish Temporal Council. The PFC is responsible for the temporal administration of the parish (finances: counting and recording and banking, supplies, maintenance of properties, bookkeeping, budgeting, inventory, preparing tax returns, security, liaison with the Archdiocese financial administrator).  The PFC maintains close liaison but does not report to the Parish Pastoral Council.  The PFC members listed in the Weekly bulletin  are accountable to the Pastor. 




Parish Financial (Temporal) Council

Chair: Mel Tabalba 262-4335 
Treasurer Nora Arriola  745-3433

Secretary Jesulito Sare 809-1253
Member: Gloria Piol 731-4700

Member: Stephen McElroy  746-3022

Member: Lydia Blondin 747-2256 



 Parish Pastoral Council 
Co Chairs: 
Wayne Chernow 748-6064 

                  Noly and Ruby Formoso 523-5359
Secretary: Vacant
Youth: Melchor Tejero 421-5110
Temporal Rep: Gloria Piol  731-4700

Mission, P & D: Edgardo Piol 731-4700



Liturgy Committee
Coordinator: Manny Beloy 843-8761

Lectors & EM: Lori Scott 749-8455

Altar Guild: Lori Scott 749-8455
Altar Servers: 
Melchor Tejero 421 5110 

Hospitality: Richard Fairweather (819) 643-1555

Ushers: Manny Beloy 421 3454

Children Liturgy: Justina Kuchciak 731-8687
Music Ministry: Joan Lepage 745-7935
Cantors: Lynn Obero 261-9178

Sacristan: Yola Beloy 843-8761



Spiritual Formation Committee:
Spiritual Director: Deacon Gosselin 837-9347

Coordinator: Art Cuenco 734-1670

Bible Study: Gerry Panes 834-1221

Prayer Group: Flor Marcelo 747-9738

Outreach: Emie Fairweather 643-1555

Spiritual Education: Tina Kuchciak 731-8687



Co-ordinator: Vacant
Baptism Prep: Rev Pedro Arana 746-8503
Sacramental Prep:vacant
RCIA : Ernie Fairweather (819) 643-1555
Bible Study : Rev Pedro Arana 746-8503



 Parish Community Life
CWL President: Tina Kuchciak 731 8687

Knights of Columbus: Wayne Chewnow 748-6064

Pastoral Home Visits:  Dianne Burns  749-7702

Legion of Mary: Annaliza Rivera

Youth: Melchor Tejero 421-5110

ELIM Licy Panes  261-0056

Outreach: Emmie Fairweather (819) 643-1555

Pro-Life Rep: Joan Lepage 745 7935

All Hall Rentals:: Gloria Piol 731-4700
San Lorenzo Ruiz: Noly and Ruby Formoso  523-5359



Social Action Committee

St Vincent de Paul: Deacon Paul Beaudoin  746-8503

Pro Life Rep: Joan Lepage  745-7935

Mission D&P Edgardo Piol  731-4700