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Assumption Church

Celebrating our 78th Anniversary
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Assumption Church History

Although our Parish wasn’t canonically erected by the Holy See until October 7, 1932, during the years 1930 and 1931, the English-speaking Catholics of Eastview formed a committee under the guidance of Mr.& Mrs. John Quinlan to prepare a text for Archbishop J.G. Forbes. The Bishop granted their request and appointed Father Cavanagh to be their founding pastor. The parishioners purchased a house on Second Avenue (now Savard Street).

On September 23, 1931, Father Cavanagh called an election by the parishioners for the first Board of Church Wardens. The following were elected: Thomas Caulfield, Henry Cosgrove, Patrick Foley, Edward Garvey, Patrick Hanratty, Michael Logue, Francis McLaughlin and John Quinlan. This first Board met and approved the purchase of a very simple frame building on Second Avenue (now Savard Street) formerly used by the Baptist Church and was called the Assembly Hall. Volunteers spent several weeks of hard labour, digging with pick and shovel a foundation in which they installed a furnace.


The first Masses were celebrated at 8:00 and 10:00 am on August 15, 1931, on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On July 22, 1933, Father Francis Day succeeded Father Cavanagh as Pastor. He was only there six months when he died suddenly of a heart attack.


On January 18th, 1934, Father John O’Neill was appointed Pastor. After seven months he resigned. On September 18th, 1934 Father John Cody took over. He remained there until January 5, 1937, when he was named Bishop of Victoria, British Columbia. Father Augustine Stanton was the next Pastor.


On May 1, 1940, the ground was blessed for the new church and rectory. On December 22, 1940, Archbishop Alexandre Vachon dedicated the new Parish church. January 31, 1941, Father Stanton resigned and Father G. O’Gorman took over. In 1942, Father Edgar Brennan was appointed pastor. He gave almost 30 years of faithful service to the parish. During this time there was great growth, the church, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary School and the convent of sisters the Grey Nuns of the Immaculate Conception. In 1972 Father Brennan retired.


Father John Hefferenan took over and was Pastor until the next year when he became Pastor of St. Martin De Porres in Bells Corners. He was succeeded by Father David Corkery in 1973. He in turn was succeeded by Father Robert Martineau who came form the neighbouring parish of St. Ignatius in 1976. Father Peter Cody became Pastor in 1987. Then Father Bosco Wong took over in 1990. In 2000 upon Father Wong’s departure Father Arthur Ockwood took over for three months until the arrival of Father Jose Serafin Anaya, who remained pastor until July 2005. Father Tim Amyot, O.S.M. had been with the parish until September 2006 when Father Pedro Arana arrived and is presently the Pastor of the Assumption Parish church family.

Past and Present Parish Pastors


Parish Pastor

1931Father Cavanagh   

Father Francis Day

1934Father John O’Neill   
1934 Father John Cody  
1937 Father Augustine Stanton  
1941 Father G. O’Gorman 
1942Father Edgar Brennan   
 1972Father John Hefferenan   
1973Father David Corkery   
1976 Father Robert Martineau 
1987 Father Peter Cody  
1990  Father Bosco Wong  


 Father Arthur Ockwood

Father Jose Serafin Anaya 

 2005 Father Tim Amyot 


 Fr. Pedro Arana